Selected quotes from recent Burman Sound clients:



“This production has been blessed with several uncanny pieces of good luck and I count you coming on as dialogue editor as one of them.  Thank you for all your dedication and perfectionism.  You saved this movie!”


Wash Westmoreland, writer/director for “Quinceañera”, winner Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award, 2006 Sundance Film Festival



“We just did test screening at the Fotokem theater and the sound was great!  All the crew and audience talked about the sound – they were so impressed!”


Sun Tae Hwang, writer/director for “Snapdragon”, winner 2006 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival



“You guys did a great job restoring “Bitter Tea.”  The sound is warm and authentic.”


Grover Crisp, restoration supervisor for “The Bitter Tea of General Yen”



Ellis, You saved our big Depends butts today.  You really kept the shoot rolling.  Thank you for a superb job today.”


Gaille Heidemann, writer “Obama Girl’s Mama” music video



“I wanted to say what a pleasure it was to work with you and thank you for your skills and input.


Sianna Lyons, singer for “The Ode”