Delivery Requirements


Digitized Picture:  QuickTime movie using DV codec at 29.97 FPS, 720x480 resolution.  We can digitize your video from DV-CAM (mini-DV size tape) or from DVD or VHS for extra charge.  Video for post work should have window burn which matches video frame rate.  Timecode should be active at the first frame of video, so video can be easily spotted in the ProTools session.  For 16x9 letterboxed video, place timecode window in the black bar below the active picture area.  For 4x3 video, place the window where it will be least obtrusive, usually in the center bottom of picture.  A sync pop should be placed exactly two seconds before first frame of picture.  Even video for DVD masters should have a sync pop.  It can be used in DVD mastering to sync the audio with picture, and then can be trimmed off before the mastering is finalized.


Audio Sessions:  OMF type 1 or ProTools session (any version).  Other types of EDLs/sessions can be converted for extra charge.


Audio Files:  SDII, AIFF, wav, broadcast wav, with sample rates to 96 kHz.  For most video post work, the files should be at 48 kHz, and can be 16 or 24 bit.  For audio tracks for DVD, the audio should start at the same frame that the video starts, preferably at the sync pop or at one hour (1:00:00:00).


Timecode:  Timecode rate should match the video frame rate (29.97 FPS) and can be drop or non-drop.  For video tapes, timecode should begin at 58 minutes (00:58:00:00) with bars and tone from 00:58:30:00 to 00:59:30:00, and slate (title) from 00:59:30:00 to 00:59:45:00.  For video in separate reels with academy leaders, picture start should be at 1 hour (01:00:00:00) with a sync pop at 01:00:06:00 and first frame of picture at 01:00:08:00.  Subsequent reels should begin on the next even minute after the end of the previous reel, allowing for pull-ups and tail pops.  For video without academy leaders in larger parts (ie. a two hour feature in parts 1 and 2) the sync pop can be at 00:59:58:00 with first frame of picture at 1 hour (01:00:00:00.)