Burman Sound Inc. Equipment List



ProTools HD3 Accel with digital video running on 2 GHz dual processor G5


Sonic Studio HD digital audio workstation


DVD Studio Pro


Final Cut Pro


Yamaha DM-2000 96 channel digital 5.1 surround mixing console


Wacom Cintiq 22 touch-screen LCD display


High resolution DLP video projector with 80 16x9 screen


JBL LSR-28P THX approved 5.1 surround monitoring


Studer A-80 2 24 track tape recorder


Tascam DA-98HR and 78HR 24 bit 8 channel DTRS recorders


Tascam DA-88 16 bit 8 channel DTRS recorder


Kurzwiel KSP-8 surround effects processor with RSP-8 remote processor


Yamaha Rev-7 reverb processor


EMU E-6400 sampler with custom FX library on built-in and external hard drives


Yamaha 400 SCSI CD burner


JVC CR-610U video deck


Alesis Masterlink


Tascam DM-24 32 channel digital mixer (for remote recording)


2 Marantz CDR-630 stand alone CD recorders


Large custom sound FX library on firewire drives and EMU formatted SCSI drives


Acoustic treatments by Chris Pelonis





2 MicroTech Gefell M-930 large diaphragm cardioid


2 Josephson C42 small diaphragm cardioid


4 Octava MC-012 small diaphragm multi-pattern


Sennheiser 409 dynamic


Cascade FatHead II stereo ribbon mic array


Shure SM-57 dynamic


3 Shure SM-58 dynamic


2 Audio Technica small diaphragm cardioid condenser


Shure 555 dynamic


Sennheiser drum mics


AKG D112 dynamic


Aphex and dBx mic pres and recording channels



Vintage Synths


Roland Jupiter 8


Oberheim Obxa


Roland TR-808


Roland TB-303


Roland TR-606


Roland SH-101


Roland SH-7


Roland VP-330 Vocoder


Korg Monopoly


Sequential Circuits Pro One


Yamaha DX-1


Korg Wavestation A/D

Akai AX-80


Roland Juno 60


Roland JD-800


Yamaha CS-01II